Photography: the art of writing with light. 

This act of creative expression is, for me, simultaneously a passion and a career. To see the world unfolding through a lens at fractions of a second tells a story of the past, of memories to be kept alive, and is a promise to those entrusting their moments to me that those slivers of time, however fleeting, will remain. This is the motivation behind the craft I practice; a literal telling of stories with light. 

Throughout my 10 years of experience behind the lens, I have come to fully understand the important role photographers assume when pixels are translated into stories. Creating a record of events, preserving one’s appearance in a portrait, or memorializing the angles and lines of an architectural scene are the technical aspects of the art; the skills that are honed and developed with time, success, and failure. The human element of photography, the connection that exists between myself and the subject of my photography, is the organic and living reality in which stories are most beautifully told. That connection is the cornerstone of my work; it is a promise founded in communication, trust, and dedication. 

"Photography is the telling of stories with light."

The images I have created throughout the Midwest and in northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., reflect my own commitments to creating and living in a brighter, more just world. Through my work, I hope to express inclusion, beauty, emotion, and a static joy of this ever-moving and ever-changing existence.

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