Based in northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. (formerly, North and South Dakota), I am a documentary photographer with a specific emphasis on architecture, landscapes, events, and portraiture. My passion and my career are one and the same: the telling of stories through the craft of photography. Throughout a decade of experience behind the lens, I have come to fully understand the important role photographers assume when pixels become stories.

In my role as a documentary photographer, I value the truthful representation of the world seen through my lens; capturing the moments of an historic event, expressing one’s appearance in a portrait, or memorializing the angles and lines of a landscape or architectural scene requires experience, trust, and technical ability. My professional work reflects an ethos of expertise, responsibility, and craftsmanship across a wide expanse of photographic genres. It is with this mindset that I practice the craft of photography.

            ­– Thomas Christopher Hatzenbuhler

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